Ethereum Market Cap

Ethereum claimed the second largest market cap in the industry in its early days, second only to Bitcoin. Since then, Ethereum never relinquished its relative market position. Thanks to its widespread popularity and high market cap, Ethereum regularly sits near the top of the 24 hours crypto market trading volume charts.

Ethereum reached its highest market cap value in November 2021, which was the first time in history that the combined value of all digital assets hit $3 trillion. At the time, Ethereum’s market cap skyrocketed to almost $550 billion. You can follow up to date ETH markets and the current activity on the cryptocurrency exchanges across hundreds of trading pairs on CoinCodex.

Here’s what the ETH price chart tells us about the most notable Ethereum market cap milestones:

  • $100 million – Ethereum surpassed a 100$ million market cap shortly after its mainnet launch in August 2015
  • $1 billion – Ethereum reaches unicorn status and surpasses the $1 billion market cap milestone in May 2016
  • $20 billion – Ethereum reached $100 price point for the first time in May 2017, which pushed its total market cap beyond $20 billion
  • $100 billion – The market cap of Ethereum reached hectocorn levels in January 2018
  • $200 billion – After more than a two-year long crypto winter, Ethereum surpassed a $200 billion market cap in May 2021
  • $500 billion – ETH market cap reached a half-trillion dollar valuation in October 2021